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Who's Here

Bicycle Garage Indy

Bicycle Garage Indy's Vision and Mission Statements:

A healthy lifestyle is a journey that begins wherever you are and never ends.

We commit to:
  • Welcome everyone into bicycling and indoor exercise
  • Store experiences that prepare and excite
  • Invest in inspired people
  • Contribute to the development of communities that value exercise—for recreation, transportation, and competition
  • Ongoing engagement

Bike Indianapolis

Bike Indianapolis' mission is to promote bicycling as a safe and viable means of transportation and recreation in Indianapolis.

Bike Indianapolis envisions bicycling as a preferred mode of transportation and recreation in the City of Indianapolis. Our collaborations with local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and local government create a network of bicycle infrastructure that is safe, convenient, and enjoyable for the whole community.

Bicycle Indiana

Bicycle Indiana is the statewide voice of the Indiana bicycling community.  Bicycle Indiana serves all those involved in bicycling by providing information, education, organization, promotion and advocacy.

Bicycle Indiana

IMPD Bicycle Patrol Station

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department will have a bike patrol station with bicycle storage, officer work space and locker room.