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Facility Hours

Visit YMCA of Greater Indianapolis for additional information about YMCA's COVID Response

Visit Bicycle Garage Indy website for additional information about our changes in procedures. 

Bicycle Garage Indy Downtown 

Cleaning: BGI’s staff is cleaning and sanitizing continuously. After being handled, bicycles, fitness equipment, and other merchandise will be cleaned by staff.  .

Restricted hours: Through April 20, store hours for north and south stores will be 10am - 4pm, Tuesday through Saturday, and Closed on Sunday & Monday.

Store experiences: Customers won’t come in the store except in extreme circumstances.  No shopping, no browsing.  If we’re doing something “while you wait” then you can wait outside (much preferred) or in a designated small area near the front door. If these options don’t meet your needs, please reach out to us by email or phone. We will be as accommodating as possible.  In-home services like fitness service and delivery are suspended.  Maintenance classes and bike fittings are suspended. Everything requires an appointment.

Downtown store: 317-612-3099