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Bicycle Accessories

At first, the task of using a bicycle to transport yourself and items needed for work may appear to be daunting.  However, it can be easier than you think with a little planning and the right accessories.  You can also learn more from the Indy Bike Tip and How-to Page.

Lights for Commuting

 Head Lights

If you are ridiing after sunset and before sunrise, Indiana law requires a white headlight visible from at least 500 feet on the front of your bicycle, and a red tail light or red reflector visible from at least 500 feet on the rear of your bicycle.  However, depending on where and how fast you are riding, you may need more light to safely see the road and avoid hazards.

All bicycle headlights from Bicycle Garage Indy use LEDs for bright, lightweight, long-lasting lights.

 Tail Lights

While only a red reflector is required by Indiana law, a powered tail light will increase your visibility, especially at dawn or dusk. Small, light, powerful LED tail lights and flashers make it easy to always have a rear tail light with you for unplanned late finishes in the spring and fall.

Bicycle Garage Indy offers a wide selection of tail lights and reflective accessories to enhance your visibility at night.

No matter what lights you choose, bicycling at night and in the early morning requires caution and traffic safety awareness. For more info: training and resources.

Locks for Commuting



The U-Lock is the most commonly recommended lock for urban bicycle parking.  The lock can secure the frame and rear wheel to a solid post, and also makes the bike unridable if removed from the post. In some situations, a U-Lock can be combined with a cable to secure the front wheel.

The use of a U-lock is highly recommended to secure your bicycle in the Saris Stack Racks used at the Indy Bike Hub YMCA . 

U-Locks and cable locks are available from Bicycle Garage Indy Downtown.

Follow this link to our How-to to page for some bicycle locking tip links.

Packs and Racks for Commuting

Panniers and Basket Panniers

If your bike will accept a rack, and you don't like to wear a load on your back, panniers or basket panniers may be right for you.  Most panniers are sold in pairs, so you have the option to use just one bag for your light load days. Touring panniers are the most weatherproof, while basket panniers give you drop-in convenience.

Racks, Packs and Bags from Bicycle Garage Indy

Backpacks and Messenger Bags

A backpack may be your preference if your commute bike is your workout bike, or your bike will not accept a rear rack. Look for packs with comfortable straps and ventilated back panels for longer commutes.

Messenger bags are popular for short urban commutes where you want to park quickly and move on to your next meeting or errand.

Racks, Packs and Bags from Bicycle Garage Indy

Rear Racks

Aluminum rear racks are sturdy and lightweight.  Some racks, like the Bontrager Transport, accept matched quick release bags and baskets. Heavy duty (and lightweight) tubular aluminum racks are also available for heavy duty commuting and bike touring.

Racks, Packs and Bags from Bicycle Garage Indy

Bicycle Baskets

For short urban and errand commutes or for a utility bike that is just for errands, front/rear/side baskets are a great alternative. You can drop a purse, book bag or shopping bag in a basket, and you are on your way.

Racks, Packs and Bags from Bicycle Garage Indy

Inclement Weather Commuting Gear


If you start riding in all kinds of weather, protect your bicycle, clothing and packs with fenders. Depending on your bike's design, you can choose either clip-on or full "permanent" mounting fenders.  (The Saris Stack Racks at the Indy Bike Hub YMCA will accomodate bikes with fenders.)

A few of the fender options from Bicycle Garage Indy (more available in store.)

Rain Gear

Once you find your commuting groove, you may not want to be stopped by the weather. Rain jackets and pants for cycling are designed with freedom of movement and ventilation in mind. In addition, many rain jackets are ideal 4-season shells for inclement weather year-round.

Bicycle outerwear at Bicycle Garage Indy.