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Join us for Lunch & Learns!

A variety of topics are covered each month at the Bike Commuting Lunch & Learns. Join us, meet other bike commuters and expand your knowledge of bicycle topics that will help you enjoy your commute even more!

Lunch provided by Nature's Table

2020 Lunch & Learn Topics

Feb. 13     Bike Technology
March 12   Bike Commuting 101 Panel
April 16     Planning Your Bicycle Adventure (ONLINE)  
June 11     Women Riders Panel (ONLINE)
July 9       Bicycle Security and Maintenance
Aug. 13     Bicycle Fitting & Injury Prevention
Sept. 10    Tips for Riding in the Cold & Dark
Oct. 10      Winter Fitness Program

Join us for our Bike in Breakfasts!

Come ride with us the 3rd Friday of the month April through October. Ride in on your own or with an Indy Bike Train. All Indy Bike Train routes end at the Indy Bike Hub / YMCA at the City Market in downtown Indy (corner of Market and Alabama)  on Bike-in Breakfast Days with breakfast from 7:00-8:00 am (dates below)

Due to COVID19 response, all Bike-in Breakfasts are subject to change. Check calendar for confirmation that the event will be held.

2020 Bike-in Breakfast Dates:  June 19, July 17, August 21,  September 22 (Bike to Work Day and Car Free Day Indy - Monument Circle), October 16

Bicycle Commuting Helps You...

. . . Save Time.
Time after time, in city after city, commuting by bike has proven faster for many urban trips.

. . . Save Money.
Commuting by bike has a low cost per mile and saves wear and tear on your automobile.

. . . Stay Healthy.
Feeling time crunched?  A bike to work turns your drive-time to work-out time.  Already working out?  Bike commuting frees up more time in a busy life. 

. . . Be Green.
You avoid idling in traffic, help reduce congestion and pollution. 

. . . Have Fun.
Arrive at work refreshed and invigorated, rather than stressed and frustrated.  


Indy Bike Google Calendar

Indy Bike Train Info (Group Bike Commuting Rides)

Indianapolis City County Councillors have been invited to attend either Indy Bike Trains or the Bike-in Breakfasts.

Check out this page for details and join an Indy Bike Train! We have seven scheduled Bike Trains for Bike-in Breakfasts (and some occur more often). 

 Contact Bike Train Conductors for additional information about their bike train. 

Indy Bike Trains Facebook page - keep up with the Indy Bike Trains new, commuter tips, interact with Bike Train Conductors, find out more about the Indy Bike Trains and bike commuting in Indianapolis.  

Interactive Bike Route Map

Indy Bike Train Map (poster and electronic):  We plan to have this map out at each of the future Bike-in Breakfasts and in the bike parking area so you can place a pushpin where you commute from and see where others start their bike commutes. Please stop by the Bike Hub and place a pushpin. You can also do this electronically by visiting this page and using the electronic push pin to show the area you commute from:

Bike Commuting Route Maps

Find your own bike commuting route using the Indy Ride Guide

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